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The Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) is a governmental organization that aims to promote and develop science and technology in Pakistan. It was established in 1973 under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The PSF has a number of programs and initiatives that support research and development in various scientific fields. It provides funding for research projects, offers science education and outreach programs, and organizes science fairs, exhibitions, and competitions to encourage scientific curiosity among students and the general public.

In addition, the PSF collaborates with other organizations and institutions both domestically and internationally to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources in the field of science and technology.

Overall, the Pakistan Science Foundation plays an important role in promoting scientific research and education in Pakistan, and has contributed significantly to the country’s progress in various scientific fields.

Pakistan Science Foundation Jobs 2023

Posted on:14th April 2023
Location:Islamabad, Pakistan
jobs type:Government job
Last Date:May 14, 2023
Company:Pakistan Science Foundation – PSF
Address:Pakistan Science Foundation PSF, Islamabad

The Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) offers a range of career opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the field of science and technology. Some of the job positions that may be available at the PSF include:

  1. Research Scientist: Conducts research on various scientific fields, applies research techniques and analyzes data to generate new scientific knowledge.
  2. Science Education Officer: Develops and implements science education programs, organizes workshops and seminars for teachers and students, and coordinates science outreach activities.
  3. Science Communication Specialist: Develops communication strategies and materials to promote the work of the PSF and its initiatives, and communicates scientific information to the general public.
  4. Grant Manager: Manages funding applications and awards, reviews grant proposals, and ensures compliance with funding requirements and regulations.
  5. Project Manager: Manages PSF projects, coordinates project activities, and ensures project goals are met within budget and timeline constraints.
  6. Administrative Officer: Manages the day-to-day administrative functions of the PSF, including budgeting, planning, and human resources management.

To apply for a job at the Pakistan Science Foundation, individuals can check the official website of the organization or monitor their recruitment announcements in local newspapers or online job portals.

PSF Jobs selection process:

The selection process for jobs at the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) typically involves the following steps:

  1. Application: Interested candidates must submit their application along with their resume and other required documents such as educational certificates, experience letters, and any other relevant documents.
  2. Screening: The PSF recruitment team reviews all the applications received and shortlists the candidates who meet the required qualifications and experience.
  3. Written Test: Shortlisted candidates are then called for a written test, which evaluates their knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the job.
  4. Interview: Candidates who pass the written test are invited for an interview with the PSF selection committee. During the interview, the committee assesses the candidate’s communication skills, subject knowledge, and suitability for the job.
  5. Reference Check: The PSF may conduct reference checks to verify the candidate’s past employment and educational history.
  6. Offer: Based on the results of the selection process, the PSF may offer the job to the selected candidate.

It is important for candidates to prepare well for each stage of the selection process and showcase their relevant qualifications, experience, and skills to increase their chances of being selected for the job at the Pakistan Science Foundation.

How To Apply PSF Pakistan Science Foundation Jobs

To apply for a job at the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), interested candidates can follow the steps below:

  1. Check for Job Openings: Visit the official website of the PSF or check for job postings in local newspapers or online job portals to find out about current job openings.
  2. Review Job Requirements: Read the job advertisement carefully and make sure you meet the required qualifications, experience, and skills for the position.
  3. Prepare Application: Prepare your application materials, which typically include a cover letter, resume, and any other required documents such as educational certificates, experience letters, and other relevant documents.
  4. Submit Application: Submit your application through the PSF’s online application portal, email or mail it to the address provided in the job advertisement.
  5. Follow up: After submitting your application, follow up with the PSF recruitment team to inquire about the status of your application and whether you have been shortlisted for the selection process.

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